Studio News

  • Fall-Spring Classes Start on Tuesday September 3rd (Day after Labor Day)
  • USU Homecoming Parade is September 28th (All dancers Competition & Recreation 9 years and older can dance in the parade- all dancers 8 & younger can pass out candy and or sit on the float)  (We will wear the Dance Hope Cure Finale shirts in the parade with black leggings and the closest thing you have to white or black tennis shoes.  If you do not have a Dance Hope Cure Shirt you can pick one up at the front desk for $20) (Parade starts at 10am- We will meet at Joann’s at 9:15am. We are wearing our Spring Recital Finale Shirts from last year. Dance Hope Cure Shirts with full length black leggings and tennis shoes. You can accessorize with yellow bows, yellow socks, yellow scrunchies, etc to show our support of the Dance Hope Cure Childhood Cancer Foundation. All dancers 8 & under will be on the float, walk holding signs, or pass out candy. All 9 year olds and up can dance in the parade. They will learn the dance in class (it will a chorus of a song), then we have a mandatory parade practice on Friday September 27th from 5:30-7:15pm at the studio. All competition dancers need to participate in the parade and all recreational dancers can participate as well. IF YOU ORDERED A YOUTH X-SMALL, YOUTH SMALL OR YOUTH MEDIUM SHIRT- THEY WILL BE AT THE STUDIO FROM 4:00-7:30PM ON FRDAY SEPTEMBER 26TH TO PICK UP.
  • Monthly tuition is due by the 10th of every month
  • Costume Fees are due by September 30th