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Recreational Winter Showcase 2020- Ticket links, info sent in email from 12/4, Show orders, etc. 


We want everyone to have a seat for the show.
We suggest doing this on a computer, because it works better with their ticketing site.  You can also access the link on our website under the studio news tab.
Make sure you click on the correct Show!!! See Show Order Below to double check!
Ticketing Link– (May have to copy and Paste)

If you are in Acro Tumbling this will go 1st in EVERY show!  If you do not have this outfit yet, we will bring them to the Monday rehearsal. (We have hundreds of them so don’t worry) We will NOT practice the Acro Tumbling preshow at the rehearsals, however for the show come in your acro costume because that will be first! (See attached Programs)
Show #1– 4:00pm (Thursday 3yr old (Liz), Thursday 4yr old (Staci), Tuesday 3yr old (Karlee), Friday 3-4yr old (Brynndi), Tuesday Afternoon 5yr old (Brynndi) – *See attached Programs for order of shows
Show #2- 5:00pm (Tuesday Morning 5yr old (Karlee & Brynndi), Monday 4yr old (Liz), Tuesday 4yr old (Liz), Tuesday Afternoon 5yr old (Lisa)- *See attached Programs for order of shows
Show #3– 6:00pm (Monday 6yr old (Liz), Thursday 6yr old (Brynndi), Friday 5-6yr old (Kaitlyn & Cali), Monday 3yr old (Karlee), Friday Boys Hip Hop (Hallie), Wednesday 6yr Hip Hop (Brynndi)- *See attached Programs for order of shows
Show #4– 7:00pm (Tuesday 7-8yr Ballet/Jazz (Hallie), Thursday 7-8yr Ballet/Jazz (Hallie), Friday 11-12yr Jazz/Hip Hop (Lizzie), Tuesday 7-8yr Hip Hop (Kaitlyn), Thursday 7-8yr Hip Hop (Hallie), Monday Tap 3 (Kori), Thursday Mini Musical Theatre (Staci)- This is the order of performance * Please see attached Programs for more details.
Show #5– 8:00pm (Tuesday 9-10yr Ballet/Jazz (Izzy), Wednesday 11-12yr Ballet/Jazz (Lizzie), Wednesday Sr Musical Theatre (Kaitlyn), Monday Lyrical/Contemporary (Hallie), Tuesday 9-10yr Hip Hop (Kaitlyn), Thursday Teen Jazz/Hip Hop (Hallie), Wednesday 11-12yr Hip Hop (Lizzie), Tuesday Jr Musical Theatre (Kaitlyn)- This is the order of performance * Please see attached Programs for more details.
Livestream- We will post the Livestream links on our social media sometime on Monday! (Then other family & friends can watch)
For Dress Reherasal & After the shows- Drop Dancers off at Backstage Door #2 (West parking lot) at Ellen Eccles Theatre and pick them up at Backstage Door #3 (located on the southwest side by the garage doors).  This way we can have 1 show leaving from one door while the next show is checking in at at differnt door.
MISSING COSTUMES- If you have not recieved your costume yet or you returned a costume for a new size and still do not have the replacement- email us asap today at we will respond back with pickup instructions


Program Orders-

Show #1 4:00pm

Acro Tumbling Preshow- Acro Tumbling Students

5 minute Break

Director Welcome

  1. “I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas” Thursday 3yr old Tap (Teacher Elizabeth Schwartz)
  2. “Silent Night” Thursday 4yr Ballet (Teacher Staci Nemelka)
  3. “Christmas Song” Tuesday 3yr Tap (Teacher Karlee Tansock)
  4. Dance Illusion Guest Soloist
  5. “Here Comes Santa Claus” Friday 3-4yr Tap (Teacher Brynndi Miller)
  6. “What Christmas Means To Me” Tuesday Afternoon 5yr Tap (Teacher Brynndi Miller)


Show #2 5:00pm

Acro Tumbling Preshow- Acro Tumbling Students

5 Minute Break

Director Welcome

  1. “Santa Teach Me How To Dance” Tuesday Morning 5yr old Jazz (Teachers- Karlee Tansock & Brynndi Miller)
  2. “Suzy Snowflake” Monday 4yr Tap (Teacher Elizabeth Schwartz)
  3. “Speaking French” Dance Illusion Guest Soloist- Ava Smith
  4. “Oh Holy Night” Tuesday 4yr Ballet (Teacher Elizabeth Schwartz)
  5. “Winter Song” Tuesday Afternoon 5yr Ballet (Teacher- Lisa Preece)


Show #3 6:00pm

Acro Tumbling Preshow- Acro Tumbling Students

Short Break

Director Welcome

  1. “A Hand For Mrs. Claus” Monday 6yr old Jazz (Teacher Elizabeth Schwartz)
  2. “Run Run Rudolph” Thursday 6yr Tap (Teacher Brynndi Miller)
  3. “Sugar Plum Fairy” Friday 5-6yr Ballet (Teachers- Kaitlyn McBride & Cali Stephenson)
  4. “Oh Christmas Tree” Monday 3yr Ballet (Teacher- Karlee Tansock)
  5. “Wallflower” Dance Illusion Guest Duet- Lyla Brown & Stella Brown
  6. “Santa Wrap” Friday Boys Hip Hop (Teacher- Hallie Hyde)
  7. “The Grinch“ Wednesday 6yr Hip Hop (Teacher- Brynndi Miller


Show #4 7:00pm

Acro Tumbling Preshow-

Director Welcome

  1. “Feliz Navidad” Tuesday 7-8yr Jazz (Teacher Hallie Hyde)
  2. “Let It Snow” Thursday 7-8yr Ballet (Teacher Hallie Hyde)
  3. “Speechless” Dance Illusion Guest Soloist- Hannah Anderson
  4. “Jolly To the Core” Friday Hip Hop (Teacher- Lizzie Heal)
  5. “Last Christmas ” Tuesday 7-8yr Hip Hop (Teacher- Kaitlyn McBride)
  6. “NYSYNC Holidays“ Thursday 7-8yr Hip Hop (Teacher- Hallie Hyde)
  7. “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree“ Monday Tap 3 (Teacher- Kori K)
  8. “Whatever Lola Wants” Dance Illusion Guest Soloist- Layla McBride
  9. “Nightmare Before Christmas“ Mini Musical Theatre (Teacher- Staci Nemelka)


Show #5 8:00pm

Acro Tumbling Preshow-

Director Welcome

  1. “TBA ” Tuesday 9-10yr Jazz (Teacher Izzy Wood)
  2. “Jingle Bell Rock” Wednesday 11-12yr Jazz (Teacher Lizzie Heal)
  3. “Grinch” Sr Musical Theatre (Teacher- Kaitlyn McBride)
  4. “Human” Dance Illusion Guest Soloist- Ryann Buttars
  5. “Carol of the Bells” Monday Contemporary (Teacher- Hallie Hyde)
  6. “Drummer Boy ” Tuesday 9-10yr Hip Hop (Teacher- Kaitlyn McBride)
  7. “Santa Tell Me“ Thursday Teen Jazz (Teacher- Hallie Hyde)
  8. “Here Comes Santa Claus” Wednesday 11-12yr Hip Hop (Teacher- Lizzie Heal)
  9. “Hallelujah” Dance Illusion Guest Soloist- Jaycee Preece
  10. “Polar Express” Jr Musical Theatre (Teacher- Kaitlyn McBride)



Important Dates for 2020-2021 

Dance Illusion Closure Dates

Studio Closure Dates

-Fall Break Oct 15th & 16th

-Thanksgiving Break Nov 25th-27th

-Christmas Break Dec 21st-Jan 1st

-Spring Break April 5th-9th