March & April Newsletter 2019

Spring Break- NO CLASSES- April 1st-April 6th
Spring Recitals– 3-6yr old Dress Rehearsal- May 13th (Ridgeline High School Auditorium)
3-6yr old Show- May 14th (tumbling Preshow- 5:30pm, dance show 6:00pm) (Ridgeline)
Recreational Dress Rehearsal- May 15th (Ridgeline High School Auditorium)
Recreational Show- May 16th (tumbling Preshow- 5:30pm, dance show 6:00pm) (Ridgeline)
Competition Team Rehearsals- May 20th & 22nd (Green Canyon Auditorium)
Competition Team Ballet Pre Show/Dance Show- May 23rd (Green Canyon Auditorium)
Studio Artists Concert- TBA
-3-6yr old and Recreational Class Pictures will be taken at the Dress Rehearsal (Andrew Klc Photography- We will pre order these- starting in April)
-Competition Team Pictures- Week of May 13th-17th (Nicole Leavitt Photography- We will pre order these in April)
Winter Showcase DVDS– Salisbury Photography- We still have a bunch of these- Please pick them up ASAP
-Spring Recital DVDS- Andrew Klc Videography- We will start pre ordering these in April
SUMMER DANCE SCHEDULE– This will come out on March 18th! We will start registering for summer then.
Parent Observation Week (March 25-29th)- If you would like to come into classes to observe what we have been working on- we will open the classroom doors for parents to come in the last 10 mins of every class.
Dance Illusion is officially a Dance, Hope, Hope, Cure STUDIO! We are continuing our mission to help cure Cancer! NEW THIS YEAR! We are going to have a Dance Hope Cure Number in our CANCER BENEFIT as well as in our Recreational and Competition Recitals! This is a fundraiser that raises money to cure CHILDHOOD CANCERS. If you would like to participate in this number there will be a $35 fee to participate. This money will pay for the $20 dance, hope, cure shirt that they will wear when they perform (this money goes to the fundraiser) , the teachers running the rehearsals and any extra will also be donated to Dance, Hope, Cure. Check them out at -Rehearsals for this will be on Tuesday March 26th from 6:00-8:00pm at the Hyde Park studio, Tuesday April 16th from 6:00-8:00pm at the Hyde Park studio, and Tuesday April 23rd from 6:00-8:00 at the Hyde Park Studio. THIS IS OPEN TO ALL COMPETITION AND RECREATIONAL DANCERS AGES 8 YEARS AND UP!
Competition Teams Cancer Benefit- April 24th Starts at 6:15pm (Doors will open for seating at 5:45pm) At Mount Logan Middle School in the Gymnasium!

Extra Competition Team Information
Competition Fees-Tots, Tinys, Minis, Jr Show, Jr Glitz, Stars, Jr Prep, Sr Prep- Regular comp fees are now $240 due to the first competition getting canceled. These should be paid in full!
Competition Fees- Jr Elite & Sr Elite- $240 for 3 reg comps and Adrenaline Convention $255 for convention plus $50 for 1 routine to compete= $305 (due by mar 1st) These should all be paid in full!
Premier Team Competition Fees- Regular comp fees, revive, and adrenaline should be paid in full. Hollywood vibe fees are due April 1st.