October Newsletter 2021

Homecoming Parade- This Sat Oct 23rd (starts @ 10am, we will meet at 9:15am in the Joann’s Parking Lot) Pick up- in
Mount logan middle schools parking lot (turn up 800 North by McDonalds) pick up in the parking lot by the portables.
What to wear- Black dance illusion shirt with Heart on it (If you ordered a shirt from the front desk, we are getting them
on Friday), plain black pants, white or black long sleeve shirt underneath, thermals if you want সহ঺঻, warm socks, black or
white tennis shoes, you may wear knit gloves and beanies, bows in hair etc. Please try your hardest to have hats, gloves,
bows etc be our colors. Blue, black, white, grey, silver etc. Then it will just add to what we are wearing and keep them
warm at the same time. Ages 3-8yr olds (They will be on the float) If you want to bring a blanket for them to use that
works great. (We will pick a few of the older 8yr olds to walk with our Dance Illusion sign or to pass out candy to the
crowd) Ages 9yr & up- We will have a practice on Friday from 4:00-6:00pm for all 9yr old and older dancers to clean the
dance. If you are dancing in the formation, you MUST attend this practice. At the practice we will get our formations
and clean the combo.
Halloween Dress Up Week- Oct 25th-29th- On these days you can dress up for class. We will still work on our dances, but
will also do some fun Halloween dance activities! We will give the kids a Halloween Treat/Toy at the end of class from
the teacher.
Fundraiser- Cache Valley Direct Books are in! If you want to participate to earn money for your individual dance
account, sell them for $25 and you profit $12.50 a book. We have books for purchase at the front desk.
Swig & Little Caesar Fundraiser Cards- We will contact you as soon as we get the cards at the front desk for you to pick
up and distribute to those that ordered from you.
Costume Fee- These were due September 30th. This fee needs to be paid asap if you have not yet! We are ordering our
costumes & need payment to do so.
Recital Fee- Due by Oct 30th ($40 for 1 dancer/$60 for a family of dancers (2 or more) 1/2 for Winter Show, 1/2 pays for
Spring Show
Winter Showcase- (Green Canyon High School Auditorium)
December 15th
Competition Team Rehearsal (Tots, Tinys, Minis, Stars, Glitz, Jr Prep, Jr Elite, Sr Prep, Sr Elite, Sr Encore) 3:30-6:30
Premier Team Rehearsal (Tiny, Mini, Jr, Teen & Sr Premier) 6:30-9:00
December 16th
Competition Team Show- 5:00 (All Dancers need to be there by 4:15pm.)
Premier Team Show- 7:30 (All Dancer need to be there by 6:45pm)
December 17th
3-6yr Dress Rehearsals- 3:00-5:30 (Assigned times below)
3:00-4:00pm- Mon 3yr old, Tues 3yr old, Thurs 3-4yr old
3:30-4:30pm- Fri 3-4yr old, Mon 4yr old, Tues 4yr old
4:00-5:00pm- Tues AM 5yr old, Both Tues PM 5yr old,
4:30-5:30pm- Fri 5-6yr old, Both Mon 6yr, Thurs 6yr
Recreational Dress Rehearsals
5:45-8:30pm (All 7yr old & up Rec classes)
December 18th
3-4yr Tumbling Pre Show- Noon (All Dancers arrive by 11:30am)
3-4yr Dance Show 12:15
5-6yr Tumbling Pre Show 1:30 (All Dancers arrive by 1:00pm)
5-6yr Dance Show 1:45
Recreational Tumbling Preshow 3:00 (All Dancers arrive by 2:30pm)
Recreational Dance Show 3:15
We will NOT have regular dance classes December 15th-17th due to the rehearsals and shows. We
will have Winter Break after the shows on the 18th and return to dance on January 3rd
Extra Competition Team Information
All Competition Teams Hip Hop Shoe Fee ($40) & Recital Fee ($40 for 1 dancer/$60 family of 2 or more
dancers) Due Oct 30th
Rescheduling Hip Hop Master Class with Marc Cameron “Big Chocolate”- We will let you know as soon
as we have a new rescheduled date for this master class.